• Darrin Robertson

    About Darrin

    Darrin is an amazing partner. So funny and brings joy to my life every day. When I first saw him he was handsome and being with him, I see his beauty. He is a rock star in my life and, “...the best butler I have ever had.”


    Wanda Robertson

    About Wanda

    Wanda is, “The best girlfriend I have ever had.” She is amazingly smart and makes dreams a reality. She cares utmost for our family and its happiness. Wanda is one of the greatest people on the earth. She is someone that makes the world a better place.


    Family Robertson

    Our Love Story

    Darrin started life in Wellington and grew up on the North Shore. He cruised through life playing rugby and then had his first baby girl, Paige. Lost his hair and got a real job.

    Wanda started a year later in Wellington, then moved and grew up in Whangarei. Wanda wanted a successful and a rich experienced life. She planned it and got it.

    And then they met!

    One afternoon Wanda saw a handsome, she would say gorgeous, man ordering a drink. Being a smart girl she decided to buy a drink and strike up a conversation. As usual, her smarty-ness was right and this guy was brilliant. Darrin was blown away by this girl. Sure, being picked up in a bar wasn’t unusual for him, but even his A game lines were no match for this girl.

    Before you knew it, a few dates had past, met the friends, met the family and had a kid….!?! Yes, they were in love and love makes you do weird things and so it was for Darrin and Wanda.

    After Paris was born and with Paige around they decided to have another. Darrin insisted on a boy and so Parker was born. But Darrin had trouble with all the P names and so they changed his name to Hunter.

    So with careers, a family, and saving for a house Darrin sat down and said,
    “This is what married life should be like.”
    “We’re not married!” was the reply.
    "Are you sure? We have kids, compulsory jobs to support the kids, we are saving for a house. I have no control over my money. You get everything if I die and I have the magical infinite job list called Dadmin. Sounds like were married."
    "I don’t see a ring on this finger!"
    After Darrin realised, she wasn’t being rude he also noted she was right again.

    Now what to do about it!

  • The Secret Wedding of Wanda Bris.... Robertson

    That's right, secret wedding!

    I have been hinting for Wanda to ask me to marry her for years now. Yet it looks like I will have to do it myself.

    So with more than 3 days in the planning, the event is planned and ready to go.

    Wanda Robertson


    Friday May 10th 2013
    From 2pm at Matakana Country Lodge

    There will be a short cermony at 3pm with drinks and cake afterwards. At 6pm, for those that would like to join us, we are heading down to Matakana Market Kitchen for dinner.

    Darrin and Wanda

    What you need to know

    A special day, a special event, a lady that could organise the next coronation for the king of England. Her day is being organised by me. The guy who won the 'best party' pub debate because my party was the one that had cold beer!

    You can see the details of the day below.

  • On the day

    • Wanda will be up early to get ready for what she thinks is a birthday holiday.

    • She will hear some music and then a knock on the door and in will enter my daughter Paige. (This will freak her out)

    • Paige will be holding a sign saying, 'Wanda you are wonderful because...'. She will then drop that to reveal another sign saying why she thinks Wanda is wonderful.

    • Paige will encourage her down the hall where Wanda will find lots of other signs of why I think she is wonderful.

    • As she follows the music and signs she will run into her friends holding their signs.

    • At the end of the trail, with everyone following along, she will find me on one knee with a sign, 'and that is why....', and I will ask her to marry me.


    The proposal gave me a headache for a long while. The original idea was to take Wanda to a venue for a nice lunch, propose in the traditional way and then walk out and run into friends, a band and a celebrant etc. But the thought of a pre picked wedding dress freaked the brides maid out so much that that plan had to change.

    I now had to propose first thing in the morning and everything seemed a bit naff until...

  • Directions

    Heading North from Auckland:   Follow Hwy 1 to Warkworth and turn right at the third set of lights.  Go through the intersection and take Matakana Road on the left.  Matakana Road is sign posted “Goat Island, Leigh, Omaha, Matakana”.

    Anderson Road is approximately 3 km’s on the left, just past Ascension Wine Estate. We are at the very end of Anderson Road which is a no exit.   You'll come to a bridge marked "Private".

    Drive over the bridge and you'll see our sign which is marked with an arrow directing you to the right through the stock yard.  This gravel/concrete drive winds it's way up to the ridge where we're situated. DO NOT take the steep concrete driveway to the left.

    Matakana Country Lodge

    149 Anderson Road,
    Warkworth 0985.
    Mobile: 027 266 8995
    Telephone: (09) 422 3553
    WWW: www.matakanacountry.co.nz
    E-mail: susan@matakanacountry.co.nz
  • Plan

    • 8:00am:
      Proposal! Will you..? Forever..? Today?
    • 8:30am:
      To the dress shop for champagne and to pick a dress.
    • 10:30am:
      Time to head north to the venue with a short stop for some brunch, a cup of tea or a shot of whisky.
    • 1:00pm:
      Arrive at the venue. Team up with the brides maid and into the backrooms for more champagne, make up and hair.
    • 2:00pm:
      Guests who are meeting at the Matakana pub can catch the free taxi's to the venue.
    • 3:00pm:
      The band announces the arrival of the bride.
    • 3:30pm:
      We're married. Time for that cold beer and some photos.
    • 4:00pm:
      Time for the cakes.
    • 6: 00pm:
      For those that would like to join us for dinner I have booked out Matakana Marketplace Kitchen.

    I have planned a light afternoon with no speeches, (or a meal), and with a short ceremony. There will be some drinks and cake with lots of mingling and talking. A great brass band to trumpet the event. The photos are at the venue and will be posted to this site on the day and we hope to have you part of them.

    So bring along your cheer and help us celebrate the day.



    On Saturday morning after breakfast we are off home to catch a helicopter to the airport for a plane to Queenstown for 3 nights staying at the Sofitel. We have special dinner at Rata, Josh Emett's restaurant, on the Saturday.

  • People

    Stacey and Isabelle from Angela Daniel Jewellery in Albany helped start the planning by finding the engagement ring and wedding bands.

    "...Congratulations Darrin and Wanda on your very special day! It was such a pleasure to be involved in helping Darrin in selecting your rings, and hearing all about your amazing wedding day.
    We would love you to come into the store to meet us and wave your gorgeous diamond around.
    We wish you all the very best for your future life together!
    Warm Regards..."

    Rings - Stacey & Isabelle
    Susan and Garth
    Venue - Susan and Garth
    Susan and Garth are the proud owners of Matakana Country Lodge

    "...We are very excited that Matakana Country Lodge has been chosen as the venue for Darren & Wanda's special day. We look forward to welcoming you all and sharing with you our little slice of paradise. May the sun continue to shine..."
    Erin was a stand out of all the celebrants and was wonderful guidance for planning the day.

    "...I’m super excited to be involved in this (Darrin and Wanda’s) wedding.  I’ve only officiated a handful of weddings where the other partner doesn’t know (and sometimes the guests haven’t been aware either).  They’re always such a hoot to be there to witness the reaction.  I admire the lengths Darrin has gone too, to make this day special for Wanda.  Role on the Wedding Day – I can’t wait!..."
    Erin Marmont
    Celebrant - Erin Marmont
    Nicola Ghirardelli
    Photographer - Nicola Ghirardelli
    Secret photo shoots, cunning ideas, Nicola was into it all to help get the right shots.

    "...I consider it pure joy to be involved in such a wildly romantic scheme. To capture love in a photograph is a privilege I cherish..."
    When I first saw Ace Brass Band's website I had no doubt they would be right for us.

    "...We've performed for lots of weddings but nothing like this. What a brilliant idea! It's going to be so much fun and we're really happy to be a part of it..."
    Ace Brass Band
    The Band - Ace Brass

    Makeup & Hair - Shona & Robyn
    The photo of Shona and Robyn of Shona Stevenson and Inspired Hair shows how perfect they will be for the day.

    "...We are so excited to be a part of the surprise wedding for Wanda and can’t wait to transform her from the shocked girlfriend to the stunning bride to be. We wish you all the best for you beautiful wedding day!...
    What is it about The Dress! Liz and the staff at Astra Bridal know.

    "...We are honoured to be part of this special day for Darrin and Wanda and are so excited to help Wands choose her dream gown.  We wish you both an extremely happy and joyous life together.
    Well Done!!..."

    The Dress - Liz

    Cake - Guillaume Nicoli of Ma Cherie
    Guillaume the French patissier of ma cherie is the talent behind the wedding cakes.

    "...I am pleased to create the wedding cake for Wanda and Darrin, I do guaranty that will be exactly like the croquembouche I have been doing in France.
    I am Pastry Chef since 18 years and have been working in some High Pastries places in Strasbourg ( where I am from) but also Paris, Cannes… then work in some 1 and 3 Michelin stars restaurants. I have learned and seen many variety of pastries and now can create my own in my business.
    I will never change anything, I cook pastries like in France and want to introduce them for kiwis, using good quality of ingredients, findings the best suppliers, looking for the perfect products.
    For the wedding of Wanda and Darrin, I will create 3 croquembouches with different flavours, that is using a traditional French Pastry and turning it with a bit of modern touch.

    I wish them to have a marvellous wedding.

    Felicitations a tout les deux.."


    All these people helped make our day. From their knowledge, talents and just out right helpfulness. They have all contributed to making a big day easy.

    Thanks very much
    Darrin & Wanda

  • Guests

    To our family

    "...We didn't choose our family. They are God's gift to us, just as we are to them..."

    To our friends

    "...Our wealth is in your friendship and you are the the most valuable antiques we have..."


    We invite anyone who would like to be part of the day to post a message.

    We also invite you to watch the event unfold as people post pictures and videos as the day progresses.

    See the Guests

  • Robertsons

    "...Comfort on difficult days, Smiles when sadness intrudes,
    Rainbows to follow the clouds, Laughter to kiss your lips,
    Sunsets to warm your hearts, Gentle hugs when spirts sag,
    Friendships to brighton your being, Beauty for your eyes to see,
    Confidence to know yourselves, Patience to accept the truth,
    And love to complete your life...."

    Parents - Jackie & Bill Robertson

    Brother - Mark & Cath Robertson
    "...Congratulations! You will finally have one up on Wanda. If you ever need a baby sitter on your anniversaries we are always free to look after your kids...
    "...I think everyone in the Robertson family agree that Wanda is the best thing ever to happen to the family. What none of the family can work out is what's in it for Wanda????..."

    Brother - Steven Robertson

    Daughter - Paige Robertson
    "...About time dad! You are the best and I love you heaps. I can't wait to be part of the day you have organised...
    "...but I want to marry daddy..."

    Kids - Paris and Hunter

    Cousins - Logan and Briar
    "...But they are already married?!?...


    Messages from Darrins family



  • Bristols

    "...Aww, Yip. yeah, good one..."

    Father - Trevor Bristol

    Sister - Kirsty and Moss
    "...Wow your getting married he he. We are so excited and we wish you Darrin and kids a happy and joyous future..."
    "...Great work Darrin, I think you have proven your own skill for organisation now.
    Congratulations Darrin and Wandi

    Now you will feel no rain, for each of you will be shelter to the other.
    Now you will feel no cold, for each of you will be warmth to the other.
    Now there is no more loneliness, now you are two people, but only one life before you.

    Wishing you a wonderful day and continued happiness for your future, lots of love Row and Eugene xxx..."

    Cousin - Row

    Andre Tayla and Haylee
    "...Can't wait for the cake..."
    "...Congratulations to Aunty Wanda and Darrin. May you be blessed with many years of happiness and love. And Darrin your very clever for organising this wedding since Aunty Wanda is the organisation queen, ha ha.

    Lots of Love Hani, Charles and Bubs x..."

    Niece - Hani

    Ngaire Bristol
    "...WOW! Darrin what a surprise for Wanda (and so say all of us) and and who better a more deserving lady than my beautiful eldest daughter Wanda.You have done an amazing and I bet a nerve wracking job keeping this a secret and made it so much fun for all of us.especially us women as it is hard for us to keep our mouths shut.(QUIET you guys)

    Im so happy you all are getting married and im sure my grandchildren Paige, Paris and Hunter will have a lovely day witnessing their Mum and Dad pledge their eternal love for each other. Im so disappointed I cannot be with you your family and friends to share this happy day but believe you me I will be thinking about and watching the clock as the day goes on. I know you will look beautiful Wanda and after you have gotten over the shock settle in with your friends and family and enjoy your wedding day and your birthday.Happy birthday you were the best mothers day present I ever got and im very proud of you.Heres to you Mr and Mrs Robertson and family.
    Love you all.xxxxxx ..."


    Messages from the Wandas family.



  • Friends

    "...A huge congrats to you both on “sealing the deal” on this special day.  Wanda .... sit back, relax (please don’t stress) and enjoy the day that your husband has taken pride and a huge amount of time in creating for you.  Surrounded by friends and your wonderful family, we’re sure it will be a day you will never forget!   Love to you both always and wish you a continued happy and prosperous future together!..."

    Ainz and Les
    Karlene and Ivan
    Karlene and Ivan
    "...We are so happy for u both! Your challenges have just proven, with great support of each other the rewards will come through in your beautiful children! Your wedding is a great celebration of the love and direction (thanks to Wanda (joking!!)) of your incredible future together! Well done Darrin for pulling this off, you are setting the bar high for men in the future!..."
    "...What a day to remember Wandie, you have caught yourself a keeper! Just look at all this – there won’t be a man in the room on the 10th that doesn’t feel a little bit guilty about the effort they put into their own weddings!!  When you weigh up what Darrin has done it’s really quite amazing, especially given it has all been achieved on the quiet!! This is something VERY special and only worthy of a VERY special person xox.  Therefore awesome effort Darrin, you’re the man!  We are so excited for you both and can only imagine how thrilled the children are.  This occasion is one we have been waiting on for a LONG time!! We’ll be there with bells on, armed with loads of hugs and of course, the Rescue Remedy ;-) … xox..."

    Clare and Duncan

    Doey and Leanne
    "...Darrin you must be the worlds best dude. Wanda you are lucky to have such a great man..."
    "...Congrats on your special day and also a massive Happy Birthday to you Wands. This will certainly be a day you won’t forget in a while.
    I am soo excited to share this special day with you guys. Wands I am sure you will be the stunning bride and we will have loads of laughs, reminiscing and catch ups over a few vinos
    Enjoy your amazing day and your nice break in Queenstown.
    Lots of love, Jodes ..."


    Trace and Rich
    "...Wanda, RELAX and enjoy your super special day!  Absolutely stoked to be here celebrating such a wonderful occasion with you guys.  We wish you all the best for today and many more happy years together.
    Lots of love, Trace and Rich!!..."
    "...SURPRISE!!  You're Married!  Congratulations to you both.  Here is to a long and happy life together - you both deserve all the happiness that life can bring.
    And what a way to spend your 40th!..."

    Janelle and Glenn

    Janene, Mase & Jakey
    "...Congratulations from all the Swann, Ferris and Finau whanau from Gissy!  We are so thrilled for you and know that once you have a few deep breaths and some quick bubbles to calm the nerves, you will enjoy this very special day that Darrin and his awesome team have put together for you. You have touched our lives in so many different ways Wandz. A really special friend that has the hugest heart and the deepest compassion for others – you are so deserving of this fantastic celebration, so soak it all up and enjoy this wonderful time with all your whanau and friends..."
    "...Hey Wanda, Darrin, Paris and Hunter
    A big congratulations to you all on this new big adventure. I will definitely be there to share this amazing day with you all. Wanda I know you will look amazing on your big day, a day where you will be surrounded by all those who love and care about you. Go hard chick! I've been waiting for a bride to do the caterpillar????LOL


    Sarah and Mike
    Congratulations & Happy Birthday!
    May the life you share with Darrin & your precious children, continue to be filled with love, happiness & laughs. Enjoy the many significant celebrations this year (starting with your wedding & big birthday; your new house; & Paris starting school). You are a very special person who we are blessed to have as a friend. Wishing you all the very best - for you deserve it mate!

    Love & hugs, Sez, Plucky, Daniel & Nina xxxx

    P.S. Darrin clearly loves you - as his guts in pulling this whole thing off has shown! Yay him..."
    "...Wow – this is HUGE. Wanda you are soon to be Mrs Robertson! Congratulations! This surprise wedding couldn’t be happening to a more deserving person. You have nabbed yourself one romantic man – he’s a keeper! We hope you have a fabulous birthday and wedding. A day that your grand children's, grandchildren will talk about. I hope Darrin remembers to organise the tissues. You are going to need them and so are we! All the best on your special day Wanda and Darrin. Tu Meke! Arohanui!..."

    Jane and Garth

    Leens and Ace
    "...Congratulations Wands and Darrin, very excited to be celebrating with you on your big day.
    Hope you love the surprise and we're sure Darrin's organizing will be spot on. So happy for you both, enjoy the moment!!

    Love Leens and Ace xx..."
    "...Congrats Wanda and Darrin! What a great romantic husband and a lot of organising - I'm impressed. Hope you have a wonderful wedding day and a very happy 40th also. Look forward to sharing it with you and best wishes for your future together xx..."


    "...Congratulations. This sounds amazing. Wanda will love it..."


    Messages from our friends who travelled from all over the North Island to come and be part of our day in Matakana.



  • Wishes

    "... Yay for you guys. And about time too! x..."

    Karlene & Ivan

    Paige Robertson
    "... I am really looking forward to this. I had no idea dad could put something like this together. Impressive!..."
    "... We hope you all have a fantastic day (and honeymoon/birthday treat). What a wonderful family you are. Every time we think of this 'secret' wedding it makes us smile...."

    Yvonne, Aaron
    Kate and Nicholas

    Viv and Rich Sehdlon
    "... OMG! So romantic Darrin!! I'm very impressed. I hope you have a lovely day, and more importantly... I hope she says yes!! :-) So exciting, can't wait to hear all about it. viv..."
    "... Darrin, this is very organised for you and as our a fellow touch team player and manager something we may have lacked last season...haha. Congratulations to you both. I am sure the day will be fantastic and I look forward to sharing a beer at touch with you to celebrate. ..."


    Terry and Robyn
    "... Congratulations to you both. Well done :) All the best for the years and the years and the years to come!!!..."
    "... Congratulations Darrin & Wanda on your marriage. We expect your life together to follow our pattern in that you have started off on track with a 5 year courtship- like us. Now the challenge is to make it to at least 50 years as 62 years like us may be "out of your reach" !! All the very best for your future together Warm regards Maurice & Shirley Mahaffie..."

    & Shirley Mahaffie

    Chris Stephenson
    Gregory Nagle
    "... Congratulations to you both! Well, let us assume congratulations are actually in order and that the whole hair brained scheme of a "surprise" wedding hasn't horribly backfired and we aren't testing our very limited writing talents for no good reason. I mean Robbo, you have exercised some very questionable judgement calls in your time but this just about takes the biscuit. Speaking of biscuits … Posting your car keys to Australia instead of the TimTams your mum gave you for instance. How did you get the car home that day? I bet you ate the TimTams. But back to the wedding. Surprises have been used by men to woo woman since the dawn of time. Surprise romantic dinner at SkyCity? ... Surprise trip to Paris? … But a surprise wedding! You are the bravest man we know. Although they do say that bravery is close to stupidity. So we will leave your guests to draw their own opinion based on the outcome of todays events. Could the fact that neither of us were invited to this auspicious occasion be a clue? Is it that we know too much about his past? Or could it be that Wanda and Darrin are meant to be together and our man knows only too well what a special lady Wanda is, and of course this glorious day is naught but an inevitability? We both hope so. Robbo is happier then we have ever seen him and we know that that kind of happiness only comes from a great relationship. All the very best to you both. You friends from the ends of the Earth Christopher Stephenson and Gregory Nagle..."
    "... Dear Wanda and Darrin,
    Congratulations on your special day. What a wonderful surprise for you Wanda! (I hope it all goes off as well as Daz had planned, and if not I guess those moments will make it all the more memorable :)) I wish you both oodles of happiness, love and fun for your life together. Congratulations! Love Kirstin, Brodie and Summer...."


    Maxine Bell
    "... Hey guys, congratulations on your big day! I hope it's everything you both want it to be - and even if it's not absolutely perfect, at the end of the day you will be married to each other and that's all that matters! Wanda, you are lucky to have such a romantic for a husband - and I am sure you will look absolutely stunning!! All the best, Maxine (Peekaboo) xoxoxo..."
    "... Our very best of wishes to you both for Friday.
    Hope everything goes for you as planned.

    Our love ..."

    Peter and Gwen

    "... Bonjour Darrin et Wanda
    le 10 mai 2013 va étre une grande et belle journée pour vous deux et votre famille et les amis, chargé d'émotions,d'amour,de sympathie,sa va etre fantastique,nous vous souhaitons beaucoup de bonheur et de réussite,pour vous et les enfants. Nous sommes de tout coeur avec vous,nous pensons à vous,que cette journée soit belle. à bientot amitiées
    JEAN-LOUIS MARIE-CLAIRE et notre famille..."
    "... WOW! When you first mentioned this to us, I thought there's no way you could organise this all by yourself. But you have! Well done Darrin what an awesome birthday surprise, you have organised what should be a fantastic day. Wanda I hope you have a very special day, what a lovely man you have! Have fun!..."

    Cath, Mark,
    Logan and Briar

    "... Congratulations Wandie and Darin. What a fantastic birthday present ! I am really sad that I can't be there to celebrate with you both, but I wish you a lifetime of happiness together and we will celebrate again when I am home next. Have a fabulous day xxx..."
    "... OMG!!! Congrats to you both, Wanda & Darrin!!! What a surprise! I know I haven't seen you Wanda since you were a little girl, but I think of you often. Hope your wedding day was absolutely wonderful.
    Much aroha, Aunty Jo & family xxx..."

    Joanne Holder

    "... loving the photos - gorgeous dress!! I guess she must have said yes then... It looks as if you had a fantastic day. Can't wait to hear about it all. Lots of love, Viv...."
    "... Wow - looks like you had a fabulous day. Wanda you look lovely and so relaxed and you both look very very happy. Well done Darrin - what an amazing day! Congratulations! Can't believe you got Mark in a suit! See you at touch! Sue x..."

    Sue Cocks

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    "We all knew and look how good we are at keeping secrets. Please don’t kill all of us as you would be left without a great team."

    Love from all of us at Pondarosa

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